It’s ok I’m a Veggie now!

Because Adam said he’d go Veggie for 6 months after Mark bought him a Veggie lunch, I decided I’d do it too. Now Adam and I have a £2.53 bet to see who gives up first. Most people think we wont do it. I know I will. I’ve already had a Steamed Mushroom Pudding. It was nice too.

More importantly I also made a bet with Sean from Staples that I could run the Half Marathon quicker than him next year, and we put £20 on it, so it’s now a race.

More importantly Mark was down this weekend again and went to some little club called Comfi on the back of th Triangle (which is opposite the place where you can upgrade your milkshake to XXX thick for £1 extra and then spend 30 minutes EATING it because the straw gets blocked by choc chips and collapses in on itself) and it was well safe, the DJ was a bit annoying and kept muting the songs, but he was the nicest DJ ever and would pat you on the shoulder and be really friendly when you requested stuff…

“Aaaah Greenday, I keep forgetting to bring any with me, sorry mate I promise I’ll bring some next week, sorry mate!”

I suggest you all go there. It was free to get in and the drinks were overpriced, but it was ace. They played Love Machine, can’t go wrong can you.

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