Mentalistic dream mate…

I had this sick ass mental dream last night with aliens and aircraft carriers and shootings and me being spider-man esque… here’s a summary…

Wierd mutant alien/human hybrid things that are really skinny with dangly bits, look just like skin and bone, chasing me and trying to kill me in some crazy building complex, I was with a few other friends running away and it was scary, there were little dogs chasing some mice as well, and some of the alien things looked abit like people, some a bit like dogs, can’t remember the others. Then a good alien found us and just as we were about to get attacked the good one fired these tranquilzers from tubes on it’s neck and knocked out the bad alien mutants.

He then explained that aliens had been experimenting on humans to make hybrid warriors or something, and only like 2% were good, like him, and the others were bad and went crazy mental.

Then there was a whole army fighting the mutant army and it was like in a castle village thing with big gateways and there was gun fighting and I could jump incredible heights and was like spider man and was sniping the mutants, then i was with some squaddie bloke shooting at mutants round a corner and I was awesome like a crackshot genius.

Then we were on an aircraft carrier going home and a battle cruiser was passing us and everyone was cheering and we were turning the carrier around to go in convoy with the cruiser but the driver got over excited and turned the carrier on it’s side turning too sharply, so everyone had to run from one side to the other to upright it.

Then the vice-captain person thing (who was a woman) told us to fill all the sinks and containers with water to add more ballast to lower the boat into the water as now all the planes had flown off it didnt weigh enough and wasn’t sitting low enough in the water which is why we toppled. So I was filling those soap containers that sit over sinks in public toilets with water, and an ensign boy squirted me in the eye with water and it was funny and we all laughed and I squirted him back..

Then a JCB woke me up taking ages to drive past my bedroom.

Easily one of the best dreams ever!!

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