I had 2 dreams in a row about cruise ships sinking.


In the first one it was up north near the Artic and it was bouncing up and down in the waves stupidly high and it was scary, and it was rocking over almost 90 degrees and. We were then told it was sinking and we had to pull over against the side of an icy cliff, and jump from the boat to some ice shelves. As we were jumping the shelf was collapsing, and the boat was getting lower, so we had to run inland, and the last few jumpers had to scrabble up as the ground below them fell to the see and the sinking ship. It was in some wierd Artic shipping area with loads of tankers and cargo ships all around, it was suspicious as we were on a cruise ship and the whole shipping area was unheard of and secret. We were air lifted out off the top of the ice cliff later on, but we all suspected the boat had been sunk on purpose.


In the second dream I was on another cruise ship, but this time I was with a load of friends and we were just playing water polo in the swimming pool in th lower decks.

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