More Dreams!!!

So Friday and Saturday night I had some more wierd dreams. Saturdays was not so wierd, but anyways, I was drunker Friday, the best ones seem to be when I was drunk.


I can’t remember all of it, as far back as I can remember was me in my bedroom, but as is so oftern the case it was a different house not my acutal home. Anyway, I was preparing to go out and fight some demon lord and his minions or something, and I was with Katie and she thought I was being possessedby this demon guy, due to the red light bulb in my Lamp creating an eerie lighitng effect, the fact I was wearing swimming googles inside out, so I looked wierd, and I was talking in a weird demon voice, but it turns out I was just having joke on her. Then about 30 demon things smashed through the window and chased us through the house, with the lord guy following, and he just looked like a massive goth rocker type person, so my mother (who wasn’t Gill Williamson at all) just glanced over without really noticing that he was an evil maniac from the underworld.

The chase had a Benny Hill element to it, with us going in and out of different rooms, mum shouting at us to be quiet, and never quite seeing the demon soldiers as they always left the room in the nick of time, and her shouting at the demon goth type lord to get out. Anyways, the next thing I know was I was in like a bakery or something, and a wierd human/duck hybrid came in and tried to get us to buy some of his much better bread instead of the bakers, but he was clearly (for some reason) working for the demon, so we told him to go away, then it happend in another shop, can’t remmeber what with a different animal human hybrid, then we were in a Butchers, and little Pig Man came in and tried to sell us a sweet chicken pie, which was chicken in sauce with mash potato on top, made from sweet potatos.

The butchers shop happened to be owned by one of Katie’s grandparents, which again I’d just made up in my head, he was a short dumpy greek man, a bit like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding or whatever it’s called. Anyway pig man tried really hard to sell us these pies, and as time went on, he ended up being a normal pie sales man without a pigs head, and no longer in a buthcers outfit, and there was no longer a threat from demons. In the end we cut the chicken open and it was comletely raw… so I bought some bread rolls off him to make him feel better.

Sometimes I just don’t get my dream…


Last nights dream involved less of the underworld, none of it infact, but I can’t remember much. There was some paddling on a river with Kayaks, and everyone testing out new boats, and I ended up in a boat so small I could only get my legs in it up to my knee, and I was grumpy and annoyed at people. The next thing I remember is being in a toilet doing the longest wee in the world, it must have gone on for about 5 minutes. There was something to do with a secret kitchen on a campsite, and some other stuff, I can’t really remember.

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