Alright punks, punks probably just being me/you (if that’s you/me talking to me/you/us again)…

SkeaterMedia is a little way off being finished at the moment… but it’s going to be sooooooo good it’ll be worth it, with new additions a-plenty to be added, many of which are already made and just need to be uploaded into the new site.

Anyways I’m just too busy either earning real money or wasting real money or playing Team Fortress 2 and waiting for Portal and Episode 2 to come out to really do anything constructive, plus with the little free time I do have I like to watch Scrubs and/or drink Budweiser.

In conclusion, I’m running out of Scrubs to watch (I’m taking a break after 4 seasons back to back) and my Budweiser is about to run out (luckily we’ve got 5 gallons of Thatchers and £70 worth of spitits + mixers) and so by the time Chrismas comes, SkeaterMedia.co.uk will already be the biggest internet success of all time.

Coffee makes you wee more, it’s true.

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