I got the battle in there…

In a dream… wait, I’ve completely forgotten. I can’t really remember the order but here are some bits of it.

There was something to do with a cottage somewhere and being on holiday, I’m not really sure, but Alyssa was the treasurer of pretty much the world, and I had to pay rent for the cottage to her.

At some point I was in a restaurant with some people, and a man had cocktail that was a spiral of white and green liquid, and if you stirred it then it turned orange and then as it settled the colours went back to green and white spirals. After watching it for a while it turned out to be a laptop winamp visualistion, and Greg was watching it for ages, whilst downloading music. Then Greg was outside with the people ice skating on concrete, and he was picking up little lego models of world war 2 artifacts, as he collected them.

There was a battle in space, or the sky, or a bit of both, where alien bad things were flyingdown to attack and we were flying upwards to meet them, some of their ships were like flying NASCAR racers, there were big rocks they dropped to smash our fighter things, there was a shit load of different ships, most of them didn’t actually fire a single shot, then the NASCAR ones landed and started driving, and it turned into a trailer for a film, a bit like Diddy Kong Racing and Whacky Races, a man shot tin up in the air over another car and shot at it with a gun, and it blew up and sprayed oil on the road and someone span out in it and crashed off the side of the road. Then another guy was watching that happen so he crashed into some crates.

Then suddenly I was walking along wondering about how if this film was produced by Disney, would the director and producer really get enough credit for their hardwork. I mean I don’t know who directs any Disney films. Then I rolled my skateboard down some steps, and annoyingly it fell in a swimming pool. I asked Tim, Katie, Fredel and Mike how to get it out the pool, Mike suggested using a fork to make my reach a little bit longer so I could push it along the bottom and get it out the shallow end… I think I might have woken up at that point.

If I remember more I’ll add it. What’s really important is that I managed to get some kind of battle/fight thing in there, it just wouldn’t be right without one.

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