Fox Paddling

Wooooooooooooooo I haven’t blogged in ages, mostly just due to the fact that I’ve spent very little time sitting around on my arse doing little. My lovely shiny new pc got about 2 weeks of gameplay and now it’s turned into a top end spec high performance email checker… oh well, it’s time will come again shortly, I have no doubt.

More to the point, I’m buying a Kayak woohoo!! So I can swiftlyprogress from low end intermediate paddler to some one with a little bit of class and style. Talking of class and style, the Ninja Marmots, the BUCC’s very best and most powerful canoe polo team to date (possibly…) won 4/5 games in there opening debut in the South West League Div 3. We only lost to one team, Taunton, who won a ridiciulous amount of games (5/5) with scores of 6 – 0 or more each time… except against the Marmots who kept them down to 3 – 0, and Greg pointed out that for every other team except us, they would have been better off forfitting the match and getting the 3 – 0 default loss!!

Anyways, my new/old Kayak is an Inazone 222, and lot’s of people say it’s a good boat for beginners but it stunts progression, well all the cool people I like more than everyone else disagree and say it’s fantastic, and I’ll be a great paddler by next summer and I’ll win the alps, no doubt.

So anyways, I do a fair amount of fox tracking these days with Katie, who makes staying up till 4am running around fields, roads and dark alleys not as cold, miserable and depressing as it should be (and I’m not being dirty >:| ) becuase of her unhumanly amount of energy, heat and joy. I’m usually the support team (me and my car) for Katie and Charlie, and get to spend 3 or so hours sleeping during the events while they do all the hard work, and I just move the wheeled heat box from place to place so they can sit in it. However last night Charlie was in France so I had to take a lead role and run around carrying a pile of papers and not knowing what was going on. Unfortunatley we had a broken reciver, a broken car aerial and a broken hand held aerial.

After 2 hours of drving round not being able to find the damn fox, we were assigned a different fox to go follow already knowing a fairly accurate location for it. We went to the 2nd fox and getting nothing on the car aerial managed to pick up an intermittent signal with the hand held aerial, and having started at 8am, spending 2 hours not finding fox 1, we eventually managed to find fox 2 in a field becuase the intermittent signal led us just close enough to hear it sitting still screaming in a field. It did that for about 15 minutes, and then probably died… I suspect it was a death, becuase I managed to find a way of twisting the antenna cable so that it would pick up the signal without cutting in and out, and it just sat still for antoher hour,
not screaming. With enough twisting of an already damaged connection, the cable just snapped off… sorry Bristol Uni… any way a replacement aerial was driven to us, and we set the receiver up against a fence, and between the hours of 1 and 4am…. nothing happend. No screaming, no movement, no rustling… nothing. It was so damn cold I was shivering under 6 layers of clothes, 2 pairs of trousers, a scarf, a bandana and a hood. I dont believe the fox would just bum around for 4 hours in that cold doing nothing, not after all that screaming!!

So Katie and I kept ourselves occupied by spilling tomato soup all over the alley way when it exploded out the thermos, sparring up and down the alley way and breaking each others wrists and arms, gettting freaked out by the graveyard next to the alley, getting freaked out by the messiest crazy looking cat in the world and repeatedly comtemplating the idea of leaving early due to our suspicions that the fox would not move at all.

So anyways, in conclusion, I’m getting a Kayak, fox tracking is cold but Katie rocks, tomato soup will explode if left unattended for an hour, and random people walking home are always indefinately pleased to bump into young people fox tracking.

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