Pringles Rice Infusions: When the devil made love to a Pringles tube

For a start “I wasn’t expecting them in a bag” is hardly a very good advertising point. When I see that, I just think “oh”. That’s as far as my brain gets. Who gives a shit.

“Once you pop, you can’t stop”… well with the bag you can and most certianly will, if you pop a bag of crisps, they go everywhere!! Oh Mr Pringle, how you’ve ruined my life.

And isn’t it wonderful that you can open a tube of pringles, and never finish them all in one sitting, so you can leave them on your desk or in your car, and that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted for the next 2 days! Stupid Pringles for Idiots would at best make a small appetiser for an absolute moron who was small enough to fit inside a real Pringles tube.

And isn’t the best thing about proper Pringles, that a single one pretty much fills your mouth, and is shaped perfectly so your toungue can spread across it and soak up all that evil salty goodness? Now they’re all small and stupid, so you have to fit 87 in your mouth to make up for it, and then but then you only get a few stupid little crisps, that taste of cardboard anyway, instead of a salty painful mouth explosion that you’ve come to love.
If you want a bag of crisps, I can recommend a fine selection including Wotsits, Quavers, Doritos and the classic Walkers variety. All winners.

My advice to you, by a tube of actual Pringles, eat them, be happy. If you want more, eat the tube, it’ll taste better, and be more fun then wasting money on a bag of bark shavings.

This article was written whilst I was in a bad mood after people had been in my way in a supermarket, however, I’m defiantly right about these crisps being rubbish.

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