Dream about crazy melting aliens that turn into hot women in order to confuse me as to wether they’r

I can’t remember everything, but I do remember waking up and being shocked at my own dream for once.

In a sort of scaled up Reigate College environment (about 6 stories tall instead of 2, and longer, wider, scaled up you could say) there was some women who’s kid was like a key or chosen one or something supernatural, and the kid was supposed to save the world from aliens or monsters or something.

And there were some of the evil scary alien things but they were disguised as people, and they were trying to capture him for the stereotypical purposes of harnessing his power then killing him or something along those line.
Anyone, one of them attacked him and knocked him out, and one of his friends, using a fence post or something, and the two of them lay on the floor glowing, and a bit melted, like the old women in the Armando Ianucci show who get melted by slug pellets.
Anyway, luckily and for some unknown reason, BUCC had been assigned the task of protecting him and me and Dixie fought it off the attacking alien, and got the kid back to his mother, although in his unconscious and gooey state, but he was still glowing so he was probably ok. I forgot about the other kid, I’m assumed he survived.

Anyway some of us went to try and capture the alien-people, and I chased three of them into a clothes shop ( not sure why that was there) where they all combined together into one person to try and hide from me, but I saw through their disguise and began questioning them. They/it tried to convince me they/it were/was in fact good, and they/it were/was also trying to stop their evil brethren and in fact help the special child and his mother.

One of the aliens unmerged from the other 2 and it told me to go with it into a toilet… were it proceeded to start melting a bit, it was pretty gross, it’s stomach started dripping onto the floor, then it collapsed… and then turn into Kelly Brook, then Keeley Hazell and then Lucy Pinder, in attempt to convince me to side with it.

I then woke up, realised my alarm battery was dead, and had fortunately just woken up when it should have gone off anyway.
I stumbled out of bed, slightly confused, and mainly thinking the alien probably was good, and it the best thing to do would have been to side with it.

Then I went to work

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