24hr Game Coding Challenge

Since midday yesterday, Saturday 16th May, Dixie, Greg, Pav and I have been undertaking the challenge of developing a computer game in 24 hours, so we finish in 4 hours today Sunday 17th May.

We have to design, develop, code and deploy the game.

I ended up making all the graphics… and at about 2am we had no more need for them…I spent 2 hours wondering about, fixed one of Greg’s errors, and then slept from about 4 – 7:30.
Greg slept for about the same time… Pav and Dixie did not sleep at all.

Cake, coke and coffee seen in the foreground

Pav, with coffee, project managing Greg, without coffee

Dixie coded the bulk of the GUI and spent a few hours debugging Greg’s code, and incorporating some of it into the main body of the program.

Pav was lead develper, being the only one who knew how to code in C++, and chose all the libraries, structure etc… and even decided to render the actual game play itself in the menu/GUI system.. which was a big fail becuase it can’t rotate pictures. So he rewrote it all… in some odd way using cubes… which don’t look like cubes.
Many small bickerings were had, and many big laughings… mostly at Greg’s code…

Some of my favourite pieces of Greg’s code were

Returning true or false depending on the value of a boolean… instead of just returning the boolean

The function name “undergo_unexplainable_otherworldy_vector_shift”

Dixie’s best moment was telling Pav “Don’t let go of w”, as Dixie had hard coded any release of the “w” key to close the application.

Pav’s best moment was telling Greg “It’s basically the same code, I copied it, and then rewrote it because we needed it to do something else”

It’s going to be a good game, it’s got work from all of us in, and the storyline, concepts etc are all original to us, and plucked completely out the air with very little thought.

Pete: “We want one normal name and one crazy name…”
Pav: “Christopher”
Pete: “and Lord… Snuggles!”

Pete: “What shall we call the game? Well, the main character is a lord, and lords live in mansions… so, The Secret of!..um… Ducksworth Manor!”

Dixie, Pav and Greg hard at work, or playing Warcraft

Download The Secret of Ducksworth Manor at Skeater.co.uk/secret/

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