I just done come back fromma Alps innit

And I’m off there again in a few days. Such an expensive lifestyle… lucky I’ve got no savings otherwise I’d have to put money in them instead of spending it on tings.

So I’ve done 2 weeks alpine paddling again, paddled everyday I think… except 1 where I did some scary rafting. Everyone else in the raft yelling and screaming… me thinking “Well I’m scared too… stop looking to me for answers!!!” Rachel and Maryann… sorry I told you to shush

I had my first scary pin… on some iron bars, what was left of a concrete wier I believe. This is how I described my thought pattern to Ole’ Marky B, r.e. the situation.

In my head: “Hmm this could kill me. I can’t get out. Maybe the others can… Wait, I’m sinking… Must… Push… Harder… All this water over my head my head. What if the others take ages. Ouch this hurts… My penis is being crushed… Why is there scaffolding here anyway?”


In my head: “Fuck. I’ll do it myself. This might make me pinned upside down… Oh well, I’ll go for it”

And it worked, I rolled off the iron bar wedged in my crotch and avoided the 2nd one in front of me, and got pulled out the river by Chris Eastabrook. Thank you Chris.

Anyway, I never paddled that river again, the Upper Guil, but I’ll go back next year and try again.

The rest of the trip was awesome though, and the pin kinda made me feel better about most other things “A weir, pfft, I’ve survived worse. Let’s run it”

Good things that happened included being pulled over for speeding and getting away with it… that was close. Being drunk 12/14 nights was fun, there was some very funny nights with about 20 drunk happy people, lots of fun and stories. Some excellent drinking games … “Pete, drink. Simon, drink. Rachel, drink, Dan, drink…” You get the idea. We made a floatilla of boats, and named it Fleetwood Mac, and spent a few hours on the lake drinking cheap dirty wine and being drunk british louts, but very friendly entertaining ones, the slalom boaters training around us seemed to laugh. Sinking the giant raft with no safety equipment whilst drunk was probably a little dangerous, in hind site, but everyone was ok… exceot the 3/4 bottle of Rose. What a waste.

There were some funny attempts by people to speak french and just completely fail… drunk AND sober. Generally, pointing and nodding with a please and thankyou works best in English… so why wouldn’t it in French… oh it does? Fantastic! That must be why I speak the best French

Anyways, there’s a video to follow and lots of photos coming with more details.

I got back and had to finish moving from my old house to my new one, which is all done now, but I’ve still not unpacked so there’s a tiny channel from my door to my bed… and I don’t know where anything is. Still, I’ll get there.

I’ve got to get back to work now, these company car tax tools wont sort themselves out you know. Off to the International London Polo tournament after work for the weekend, playing on the Avon Develpment Squad, which is awesome, I will post up how that goes.

Anyway, nice to be back in England… again… for a few days.

Oh, and Pate, should be pronounced Payt, like Pete with an a, or Pete should be prounced Peetey… I’ll leave it up to the world to decide, but I want an answer on my desk by monday morning!!

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