General stuff and things

So since I’ve got back from the alps, I’ve been back to the south of france on a family holiday, the Openshaw side. It was a sweet trip, staying in a big house by a valley with about 20 other people, the highlight was an intense go-kart battle between me and my brother… which I won I also beat my Dad, my uncle and my cousins… so that’s nice.

I’ve been playing lots of Polo and played at the Cardiff International this weekend, where I scored my one token goal of the tournament, but it was a damn good goal even if I do say so myself. I also got rammed by an idiot, so I’ve got some bruising at the base of my back which is mainly just painful and uncomfortable, and I never even got a foul called for it!! But it was still a good tournament anyway.

Anyways… I’ve got many Kayaking and socialising plans this month, so I’ll try to write them all up here and actually use this blog for once, and the BUCC Alps 2009 video is on it’s way as well, which actually features some video footage of me paddling… proof that I really do it!

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