Here’s an idea…

I printed off the first sheet of three database results…

At the bottom, it said 1/3

That may have once been the truth when it was electronic, but since I’d printed it there was only one sheet, not three, so it was one of one… 1/1, so I scribbled out 1/3 and wrote down 1/1

Then I realised, it looked like I’d written 111… which was also a lie, which I had created

I circled this lie, so that the slash touched the edges of the circle, so it kinda of now looked like a paracetemol tablet with a line in each half.

Which I suddenly decided looked a bit like a cute little robot, that should be called Switch, and it should be white with black eyes, and opens up and has little legs or rocket boosters and will be the star of a flash platformer puzzle game.

But that’s where my brain stopped. I just need a story line, and a few spare weeks to code it, but I have an idea for the title screen, which is good!

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