Happy, Angry, Satisfied, Sweaty and Excited

While those adjectives are a little suspicious when combined, they are all infact related to seperate things.

I’m happy that I just picked up my CSS is Awesome Mugs for Pav and me, they’ll make my coffee task so much better! But I’m angry becuase the company slogan on the box from Zazzle is “infinite one-of-a-kind-ness”… that’s just stupid. How can you have temporary one-of-a-kind-ness? The first one of the batch? So they should really only print this on the first mug they send out… or, if they know the first one is broken, they can then print it on the next one.

Alternatively, they print it on EVERYTHING… and append “because nothing is perfect and so despite coming out of a manufacturing plant we cannot garuntee that each article is exactly the same, and this is likely to be the case for all time”. I’m ranting again, I know, but it made me angry.

Any way, I’ll move on. I’m satisfied because I’ve finally got round to updating my parents website, and signing them up to twitter, and integrating it all together. So now RoyalOakPrague.com has facebook and twitter feeds, and also a nice gallery on the front page. GO TO PRAGUE AND DRINK THERE!! It’s always a good idea. I’ll go with you if you go in October or Novermber. Deal.

I’m sweaty, by the way, because the walk back from the collection office was hot, so my feet got sweaty. And also I was angry from the Zazzle slogan on the box.

Finally, I’m excited becuase I’ve made some more bread, and it should be ready right about now. So I’m going to go and check…

WOOHOO!!! I checked, it was ready. I took it out, it looks magnificent. So good, that I decided to put on a some more. So that’ll be ready in about 6 hours.

And now, I have to do some over time.

Ps – I had a dream, during which I pulled my sock and boxers drawer out too far, and it fell out. Behind it, were some socks and boxers I’d lost, so I was relieved to find them. Probably the most unexciting dream ever, escpecially compared to my normal ones

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