Peanut Butter Polar Bear

This happened a little while ago so I can’t remember the exact details, so I’ll bullet point it for you… who ever you are… Oh it was a dream I had

I moved into a new bedroom, and after putting everything away had some spare space on top of a chest of drawers, so I built a lego village on top of it.

Next… I was wondering around Hyrule (from Zelda games) and walked into some caves, and had to fight them Skeleton things, first one, then 2 at a timeThey killed me, but I just respawned and walked back to the cave. I got to the entrance, and instead of going in I shouted “WANKER!” down the tunnel, to draw them out. I head some shuffling and saw some shadows move, and then a large Polar Bear Teddy came up the tunnel, his snout covered in Peanut butter. He was a friend of mine, he’s a little slow, not quite all their in the head, and we get chatting.

Suddenly he was the Bear from The Golden Compass and we walk back to his little cottage in the forest, where I show him my map and where I’ m trying to get to. He started showing me where I needed to walk, then start telling me about how his cottage was positioned so that the sunlight in the morning wouldn’t blind you coming through the windows, which was imortant if you were in the middle of a battle. Then he encouraged me to go and play rugby with him and all his friends, the bear became my old friend David Skingley, and then Holly and Rachel turned up, and declared they needed rescuing as they were Princesses, but I had to tell them I was too busy and had to play rugby.

Finally, for some reason, instead of walking to a rugby game, I was walking with Pros, Fredel and Pros’ sister, who had recently got her helicopter licence. We were looking for a place to land a helicopter in a clearing in the forest, and got distracted by a zipline assualt course, and started running along pulling the zip line seats, which would resonate as some one along the line rode on them, to the point where standing under them would kill you as you got pulverised by them.

So yeah, dream, makes little sense. Good times.

And clearly, I’ve taken out the bullet points. For that, I apologise.

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