Dearest people of the world

I am currently using Holly’s laptop whilst she folds my pants for me. So I thought that this would be a good time to write in my blog.

I’ve spent the day helping my good friend Sebastian “Vinnie” Vincent move house, including his 5 or so computers. Currently between the two of us we have 8 desktop computers, at various levels of funcionality, and hopefully we’ll be able to build a nice set of working computers eventually, once we’ve sent some of the broken bits back to the seller, and hacked together some of the half empty cases with the broken newer ones… anyway, currently there are computer bits all over my bedroom surfaces… and floor. The good news is, that there should be enough bits left over to shove into a waterproof suitcase so I can take a pc on a yaucht… if I sail across the world in a couple of years.

More important news, is I’ve just had enchiladas for dinner, and I forgot they existed and as they’re one of my favourite foods I’m so very glad that I reminded of their existience by being fed them this evening.

Finally, I’ve come up with an idea for a computer game, probably going to be called “The School of Life and Paddling” and it’s going to be an online browser game, with an Army, Navy and Air force… I don’t know why I just want to make me, Pros and Dixie the commanders of each one. And I’ll find a place for everyone else in it as well. Anyway, it’ll be great, and it’ll make me rich.

Sorry this post is boring, I’m tired.

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