I’ve not been here for a while

I’ve not blogged in ages so I’d best say something otherwise I might lose… all my, dedicated? readers?

My parents have come to visit from Prague so I saw them briefly, which was nice. But they needed to borrow my car, so I had to get it patched up a bit…

The exhaust heat shield has been welded back together, but the rattling has only got quieter not gone away, so I’ve got to find out where that’s coming from.
The hand brake has been tightened due to dismantling and reassembling and cleaning it…
My windscreen washer jets work… due to dismantling and reassembling and cleaning the whole system.
And my 2 illegal front tyres, are now legal

I did try to reattach the rear view mirror, and I did. Then I tried to readjust the rear view mirror. But instead, I unattached it. Still, Sabine in is closer to being restored to perfect condition… just need to replace the front left suspension now :S

In other news, I’m a qualified First Aider for White Water Kayaking. Way I see it, if I’m qualified there, I’m qualified in most other places too. And also my patents gave out my SkeaterMedia.co.uk as my portfolio… which is bad as it’s mainly silly things, so I need to polish up WillshawMedia.com quickly!!

Oh and finally, I’ve now got someone working with me at Comcar so between me and the new guy we should be able to get tonnes more work done and take over the industry.

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