Bearytales: The Adventures of Dixie the Bear Part I

Today was the BUCC scavenger hunt. I wasn’t that up for it, so I thought I’d just pop along to say “Hi” before going home to bed for a chilled out and slightly earlier evening.

That was until I realised, at approximately 9PM, that for an amazing 500 points all you had to do was bring Dixie from Birmingham to Bristol!! So without telling too many people, I snuck away with my co-pilot George, and we awoke Sabine from her gentle slumber, and we raced off northwards, determined to bring Dixie to Po Na Na where he could dance and drink with his admiring fans, and George and I would get our hero’s welcome. We were on the M32 by 9.15PM

The journey was smooth, I’d accidentally filled my car with ultra expensive premium petrol that day, it must be fate. So Sabine was happy, roaring around the plundering late night motorists who dared to get in our way. After a a significant number of miles had been covered, Sally (the tomtom) was fully charged and George booted her up, then he fed in Dixie’s postcode and Sally returned to us an ETA of 30 minutes. George passed this onto Dixie, in response to his “You do realise it’s a 3 hour round trip?” message.

When we arrived at the aforementioned post code, we did a couple of laps of the block, looking for the shadow of the almighty Dixie-bear as he prowled the streets. When we came across him, he bounded towards the car, leapt in (that really did happen) and we began the return journey, the time now 10:45 PM

Much excitement and chatter helped to speed the journey along, but I felt the call of Red Bull drawing me in, and Dixie and George felt the call of nature creeping up on them. Once our needs had been addressed, we decided to rack up a few extra points, as despite securing 500pts, it was still possible for another team to beat us. So we made a human pyramid in the service station, then Dixie and I did hand stands in a phone box and George climbed in above us (unfortunately just out of shot), the camera on self timer, resting next to our wallets and keys on the floor, and finally we got a group photo in the phone box of us all upright with the door closed. Oh, and we also came up with the team name “We’ve got the Golden Snitch”.

The extra points racked up, and the time now fast approaching midnight, we piled into Sabine for the final 25 or so miles. We parked up close to the house, 12:15AM, walked up to Po Na Na, entered the club, and most definitely made everyone’s days. We downed a pitcher at the bar for a few more points, then set the Bear loose on the dance floor.

Now I must rest, for later this morn, at about 6AM, I must return the bear to his home land. For how long I do not know, but the bear will return again.

Pictures to follow

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