Bearytales: The Adventures of Dixie the Bear Part II

This was the sadder, less fun part of the adventure, so it’ll be a brief summary.

I got up at about 6:10AM, Dixie was already awake in the kitchen reading the paper. George rang to say he was ready, so we quickly left, picked up George and his mate Matt, who was now coming along for the ride as well and set off early enough to get out of Bristol before all the commuters woke up, we were rolling by 6:25AM. It was plain sailing all the way back to the bear sanctuary, with some entertaining games on the way, including:

  • a debate on compulsory euthanasia on those over a certain age
  • a debate regarding whether men should be allowed to give birth
  • the eddie stobart/norbert dentrasangle game (we saw no norbert lorries, no one else believes they exist!)

Any way Dixie was back home by 7:55AM, we turned around and George kept me awake by acting like an annoying child, singing badly and flashing the camera in my eyes. We were back in Bristol by 9:25AM, I dropped off George and Matt, and I checked the distance.

384 Miles in total, 96 miles on each leg, but it was worth it.

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