Bands galore

I’m currently posting from my n95 whilst sitting on the m25, being driven to a Muse gig, by Mr Pav.
I feel that now is an appropriate time to inform the world of two important pieces of information,
First of all, Pav and I are definately without a doubt going to form a band called Brimney Dips. This name is derived from the phrase ‘Gob in a chimney’ which evolved into ‘Brick in a chimney, Dixie’s chips’, thus abbreviated. Our band will write Rock Opera, and our first album will be called ‘The Mighty Lord Dixie of Thripney Bitton and his steed Bob the Giant Tiger’. Expected release date, Tuesday.

News item, number two follows:
Last night I was awoken from my slumber by Holly, who returned from what I can only assume was a trip to the toilet. In my sleepy half awake state, I apparently started talking in some incomprehensible gibberish. On being reminded of this in the morning, I could just about remember attempting to rearrange the pillows on the bed, but I kept thinking of them as web page elements, and I have a faint recollection of imagining different classes being applied to the pillows to set their size and margins in relation to the bed properly.
I have concluded from this event, that I may need a break from web design…

Before I sign off, just to let you all know, I need a wee.

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