Post Muse

Despite not getting back till 3am this morning, I had a lovely time at the Muse gig last night, at the O2. We set off at about 2:30PM, and got home about 3:00AM, so it took over 12 hours, but it was nice as I’ve not been to a gig in ages.

Muse were excellent, the show was really cool, loads of lights and lasers and cool videos, band played perfectly, and there was an ace drum/bass solo in the middle. And they had loads of wicked revolving platforms and things and they dropped big balloons into the crowd fill with confetti, so thousands of sweaty excited fans were ripping the balloons open and dancing in the showering confetti.

The only bad parts of the trip were it took like 9 hours travelling for 3 hours of music, but it was good music, and the other bad point was on the 1hour tube ride to the O2 there were some stupid dumb teenagers talking about how to fight zombies, apparently dynamite in the eye sockets is preferred, and you should use a pillow to silence a .50cal machine gun. They were sometimes entertaining, but mostly just annoying.

Anyway, despite not getting much sleep, I did have a bit of a mad dream. I can’t remember it all, but I was defiantely driving a BMW X5 around a field, and I as looking at the diff underneath it, which was just 2 large stone wheels that ground together and they were exposed like some old archane chariot diff.

At some point I was having a meal with the Canoe Club, we were all in a variety of coloured dressing gowns, my food arrived, it was some delicacy which was covered in loads of live tiny spiders… I waited for them to run off before I ate the salad they were crawling in.

Then we all got up and ran to a pond that we dived in, it was about a foot deep, I had three people sitting on my head crushing me against the floor, which was a tad worrying, but then they got off so I was ok. Then I noticed there were dolphins in the pond, so I played with them for a bit.

That’s about all I can remember

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