Many things have happened…

Since I last blogged, many things have happened to me. But I don’t feel my blog is the best place to list them all.

One thing that happened before I last posted though, was that I drew this incredible picture. If you’ve got any sense at all, you’ll follow this link to look at it.

I’m still not stinking rich living off the profits from my novels, websites, documentaries, musical productions and race teams, but I’m probably not much more from a fortnight away from doing all that.

The first step is to obviously sign up to all them online “get paid to write reviews and fill in surveys” sites. So I did that. Currently I’ve earnt THOUSANDS of… points. Which if I earn tens of thousands more… will become, vouchers. Good times.

Oh and also, some good news! A personified piece of Donkey Poo broke 2 windows on my car and stole 4 – 5 Euros (yes, Euros) in very small loose change from the center console of my car. Unfortunately the stupid bastard didn’t trip over his probably undone shoe laces as he waddled away with the stolen goods. And he clearly would have waddled, because the most stupid and ugly people in the world waddle.

I imagine instead of using a crowbar, the utter minger probably just looked at the windows and they shattered, so in spite they took the Euros so they could emigrate to somewhere else in Europe and start a new life pretending their disgusting face was actually a practical joke by a surgeon and it’s funny, not sad.

Anyway, not that I’m bitter or anything, but all car thiefs are disgusting and I hate them. I think anyone who has ever stolen anything from or vandalised a car should send me £70 each, the cost of my window excess 😡

I hope none of you ever have your car broken into, especially on a day where you have a flat tyre and a drum lesson that you have to cancel.

Instead, I hope you enjoy the link, here it is again –

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