Just Enough Education to Educate

Fredel said this…

w00t numptys ftw!

And then Pros said this…

thats a bit over my head

So I said this…

The exact definition is

“We own the other team, numpties for the win”

Which sort of translates as

“We, being the numpties, are superior to the opposition, in this case the non-numpties. Therefore joining sides with and partaking in associated events alongside the numpties is more likely to garuntee one’s success”

Which led to Seb saying this…

I look forward to the next edition of “Pete’s geek-speak digest”, recently acclaimed:

“Highly informative. Great for the train, or toilet.”

– The Guardian

“Award winning. Peter has a clarity of expression – he’s got a way of explaining technical jargon to the not-so-bright Joe Public. He’s one to watch”

– The Times

“Wow, awesome”

– the Sun

“ROFL, LOL, wOOt, ftw, L33T, haha, Love it”

– Fredel Gibson

NOTE: It is quite likely that Seb’s quite’s are inaccurate and/or entirely made up

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