25th birthday awakening

I’ve spent the last 4 days celebrating my birthday and yesterday, Sunday 28th February, was my actual birthday. I’ve had a wicked time and I’d like to thank everyone for all the awesome times/presents/wishes I’ve had/received during this time.

Now on the Saturday night I was having a dream, I can’t remember all of it but I remember trying to get a cricket/grasshopper thing out of my brother’s old room in my current house, but for some reason I was trying to get it out through the crack under the bedroom door using a 2m long piece of paper and kind of using it like a gentle snow plough. I wasn’t having much luck and as I went to open the door, thinking that might be easier, I was startled in real life and awoken from my dream, much to the amusement of Holly who was feeding Isabelle whilst I slept.

Isabelle had done quite a loud fart and I happened to be sleeping only a few inches away from her bottom. I woke up, made some panicked noises, and told Holly “I was having a little trouble persuading a cricket to leave Dave’s bedroom”. Laughter ensued, and I pretty much laughed myself back to sleep.

And before anyone comments, the night time routine is I change Issy then Holly feeds her, that’s why I was asleep while Holly was awake! I was also recovering from my 2 day birthday bender from before hand.

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