If your wee looked like a horse, it would speak to you of course!

Another dream, or bits of a dream, as much as I can remember…

I can’t fully remember what I was doing but I was with all my Bristol friends at a social occasion and I had to leave as Fredel was leaving and I needed a lift home. We walked to her car and there was bread all over it and on the path around it, and a wandering pack of turkeys had found the bread and were sitting all over her car, so I had to clear the turkeys away. Not a problem, I’ve some experience dealing with turkeys so I began move them and the bread away.

When there were only a few left we opened the doors and got in the car, however on entering the car we discovered that some had got inside with us. There were a couple in the front hanging out by the gear stick, and 2 in the back. For some reason I though it would be best if I picked up the turkey by the neck and then opened the door and put it on the floor outside, by which time the poor fella’ was coughing and spluttering from me choking it, so I felt very bad. So the next one I picked up under the arm pits and I realised that his baby turkey, was wearing a bunny outfit. Very cute.

We set off on the journey home, and pulled into a service station so I could have a wee. As my urine entered the toilet bowl it made a oil-slick like pattern on the top of the water which resembled a horse. The urine-slick horse then told me(in a london thug accent) that my urine was unhealthy, and I should eat some McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup and Soy Sauce on them! He than galloped off around the u-bend, and I believe I then woke up.

There were some things that happened before all that, but I can’t remember them now! Good times.

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