Please peruse these ponder packets

I’m not entirely sure why I say the things I do, maybe one day I hope it’ll make me rich. Anyway, my new favourite word is “Pazoozles”.

Here’s some information about the world Pazoozles.

Pazoozles is not the plural of Pazoozle. Pazoozii is the plural of Pazoozle.

Pazoozii, apparentally sounds like a not very nice cocktail, either way I should definately invent a cocktail and call it a Pazoozii.

A Pazoozle is infact a creature very similar to a Hedgehog, but instead of living in the wilderness of rural England, it lives in Nebulii (that’s the plural of Nebula) in the wilderness of space.

Check the Strip for further information

That’s enough side tracking! Pazoozles is a slur, a negative word. You can use it in place of the word “Shit!” for example. Instead of being told off/frowned upon for saying “Shit!” when you crash the database server, just simply say “Pazoozles”. In doing so, people will probably laugh at you, think you’re weird, and it’s also a lovely word to say. Try it.

In other news, I miss Adam and Joe, I hope they save 6 music and come back to the Radio. And also I hope Joe’s new film is awesome

And while we’re on the subject of Plurals, the greatest Plural ever is Ambulii (that’s the Plural of Ambulance)

One more thing, there are far too many capital letters in this blog. Please send me a cheque for £50 for each excessive capital you find. If you send me the correct amount of money, I will be satisfied.

Signed: George Cave?

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