Freaky ghost lady in a cottage

Ooh I’ve just remembered something good!

When I was away with Holly and her family a few weeks ago we had a bedroom which you had to pass through a second living room to get to the toilet. In the middle of this living room were 2 chairs that never got used as it wasn’t the main lounge. Whenever I went downstairs to go to the loo during the night I always checked the chairs were empty as I kept freaking myself out and expecting someonee to be sitting in them!

I know it’s silly, but that’s not the weird bit. I was telling Holly about my silly phobia and she said she did exactly the same thing! and then to top it off we both sad we expected it to be an old lady! So that just made me mega freaked out every time I went for a pee.

Luckily, it turned out to be a brain hoax, me and Holly had been conned by an imaginary old lady.

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