If an update was a thing, and I was doing it now, then this would be an update

And while we’re on the subject of “updates” as you choose to call them, I may as well date you’re up while we’re here.

Me ladies

So first of all it’s probably worth mentioning some where in here that I’m now bringing up a baby and about to move in with my girlfriend somewhere in Bristol… assuming Kingsley Thomas pull through and prove that not all estate agents are complete morons… so far though they’ve all proven to be some type of moron, even if they started off well. So Kingsley Thomas, please, please prove me wrong.

Anyway, Lady Skeater, as she’d like to be known on the site, will now be blogging along side me at lady.skeatermedia.co.uk so pay attention to that, she’s very clever and funny and has a wonderful way with words.

The little baby will not be blogging, currently she has trouble sitting up on her own, and if I do manage to get her balanced up right it’s likely that she’ll squeak with joy and topple her self over.

And my other lady…

Moving on now to Sabine. My BMW 320i SE. To many people, she may appear to be nothing special. To my mother she’s known as Bob, but Sabine is not Bob any more. She is Sabine, named after Sabine Scmitz, she’s a fast german lady so it seems appropriate. I’ve got a bit of a thing for cars as many people know, and Sabine is the quickest car I’ve had to date. She’s my first BMW. But over the last 18 months she’s started to fall apart on me.

The electric windows failed, the suspension was squeaking, clunking and rattling, the alternator died, and on top of all this there was no room in the boot for the buggy for the baby. I was sad, despite recently fitting my 2m kayak in the car (from parcel shelf to dashboard) it seemed like I was going to have to get rid of her or part ex her for something cheaper to run and with a bigger boot.

But within the last month or so, things started to look up! The incredible Matt Leach managed to find the problem with the electric windows and sort those out with a tiny bit of solder. This week I got the suspension sorted out at the garage next to my work, they said “the left side is squeaking, the right side is clunking, and it sounds like the heat shield is rattling”. So they fixed the squeak and the clunk and now Sabine is a smooth and pleasant drive and I don’t have to grit my teeth when reverse parking! There is still some rattling, but I’ll find it. There’s a bit of rust, and it needs a polish, but I’m good at sorting that stuff out.

So my current theory is… make Sabine all shiny and new, and then see what inspiration I can take from here…


I’ve been trying to work out how I can get my hands on a Nokia n900. I used my faithful n95 as a satnav, for browsing the web, checking my email, taking notes, listening to music, I used it all day long for lots of tasks as well as the usual phone calls and SMS stuff. Oh and it had an awesome camera. I don’t like iphones… or apple at all for that matter, and I don’t like the stupid little ball on the Nexus One and the Desire.

I really really liked my n95, and the n900 has awesome reviews, plus it’s running on linux and I’m a techie… so I did a quick bit of maths and decided if I get £70 for my n95 from envirophone, and £200 for my laptop on ebay then there’s little difference between those 2 and the n900 at £330 on ebay. So I bought it!

I’m yet to get the money for the other 2 items I told myself I’d trade in… but I’ll get there!

The n900 is bloody awesome though, I’m pretty much glued to it all the time… it’s really bad I’m constantly communicating via the internet in some way now, and I have to resist the temptation at work to pick it up and play with it, but it does everything for me. I should probably write a proper review of it on LUUUX.com instead of just ranting generically about it. I’ll try to do that soon…

Where are my dreams?

Anyways, it’s getting quite late and I’m rambling quite a lot. Something I’d like to point out is that I’m not having as many random crazy dreams as I used to, I think becuase I’m too tired from commuting to reading and back and trying to sort my life out at the moment, but hopefully in a month or so when I settle to my new home… where ever that may be… and stop traveling so much I’m hoping the cruise ships, aliens, monsters, battles and adventures all return.

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