Extra time multi bull

A few things worth noting…

I went to the wedding of my colleague Damien and his girlfriend at the time B on the saturday just gone, it was a lovely reception with a very tasty hog roast and a barn dance celeigh, so congratulations to them! whilst at the reception I drank a reasonable amount of locally sourced cider and proceeded to get a little tipsy. Holly then escourted Issy and I back to our hotel, and along the journey I spouted utter nonsense to the amusement of Holly and then ran out the hotel room naked… I think somehow the journey home made me drunker as fortunately I wasn’t naked at the wedding.

That night… once I had some clothes on… I slept quite badly as my hangover kicked in and the summer heat flooded the stuffy room. But when I did manage to sleep I had a dream that Holly was showing me a video on my phone that was so loud it woke up the guy in the room above… then the hotel receptionist banged on the door and told us we shouldn’t be watching tv at 3am. It was a fairly dull and odd dream by my standards.

I got up early on Sunday morning feeling ok, and got a lift to wales with Fredel after dropping Holly andd Issy at the station. I then spent the entire day playing polo and came 3rd in a tournament before going to an hour and a half training session. When I eventually got home to bed I had another lovely dream. this time for some reason I had fallen out with Holly and Rachel and Tom were refusing to let me speak to her or let her answer her phone. I was couped up with all my friends in a house that had a jungle inside and a load of slides and rope ladders. Every now and again I was also walking around some hillsides watching polo games in the distant valley below. There was something Iwas searching for in the hills but I can’t remember what.Suddenly I was back in the house and had decided to march up to Holly to make up with her. Then I woke up, and text Holly to say I’d had a bad dream; and she replied saying she’d had a worse one. Good times.

So hopefully tonight I’ll have a more exciting and happy dream, as I have had lots of good news today including securing a home for me, Holly and Issy to live in and envirophone paying me!

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