Dave Grohl stole my speed boat

While he definately didn’t do that, this dream inspired that title

So I had a peculiar dream. I was in a corridor in a hotel and there was an after party going on in one of the rooms. I was hanging around with a group of my friends and we were trying to get in. Suddenly the door of the room opened and Dave Grohl appearred and made a toungue in cheek public service announcement about the ‘to the camera’, but I can’t remember what his announcement was, but as he was talking I looked past him and saw Taylor Hawkins on a sofa under a pile of women. Dave shut the door and then moments later appearred in black suit and straight tie, which we were all now rdressed in as well and we all got in a lift to go on a secret mission.

The next thing I remember is being in a tropical sea side resort town. As I was walking toward the beach with some friends we saw a guy and a girl nick 2 bikes and cycle off with them. Then I think it was Pros who had suddenly got a secret map about some treasure, maybe family heritage or welsh national treasure’s, something personal to him. He wouldn’t share the secrets of the map with me and I chased him along a pontoon and he jumped on a wakeboard and his prearranged driver towed him off to the secret island. I spotted other boat/wakeboard combos but none of them had a driver to chase pros while towing me. Then I realised I could just drive the boat myself… Except for one problem, I had my phone in my pocket and I didn’t want to get it wet.

I started walking back to my flat to put my phone down, and bumped into Sarah and Dixie on the way. Sarah asked if I could look after her phone while her and Dixie went exploring. I gave her directions into town and went on my way. When I got home I was placing my phone and Sarah’s on my desk when I realised I’d somehow picked up a 3rd phone that was exactly the same as mine. I looked on the phone’s desktop and it had loads of porn on it. Before I had time to discover who the porn phone belonged to, I saw Dixie and Pros chasing 2 guys who were nicking bikes from outside someone’s house. One of the guys we’d seen doing it earlier. I ran out my flat, now bare foot, and went to backup Pros and Dixie, who were now out numbered 3 to 2. I arrived and evened out the odds… And then woke up.

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