Double Dream

I had a very long and mad dream last night, unfortunately I can’t remember all the details so I’ll have to bullet point it

  • I had returned to service on a massive warship, like battlestar galactica and we were flying really high up but still in the atmosphere. I was on a flight deck talking to my old war buddies about being back on the team. We were preparing to go out on some training excercises but we were going to be flying Iron Man style suits
  • The next thing I remember is being in a jail, and a booming voice from no where announced they were going to fill the prison with a thick fog and unlock all the doors. The speaker of the voice also warned the inmates not to attempt to touch the him when he appeared, or he’d kill them. From inside my cell I could see the thick gas fill the corridors and creep imto my cell, everything went hazy and from the end of the corridor outside my cell I could make out the shape of a massive floating head with tentacles as a goatee. He went into a control booth and unlocked all the external doors, then came up to my cell and opened the door. He turned away and dissapeared out a fire exit, followed by some prisoners who’d been out in the corridor.
  • After being busted out of jail by the mysterious floating head I’d met up with a couple of old friends who were going to take me back up to the ship I’d come from. The next thing I remember I was back on the flight deck of the ship from earlier repeating the start of the dream. It was like pulp fiction going backwards and forwards telling different parts of the story. We suited up on the flight deck and then launched off the deck and into the sky, and just flew around the now shiny and golden battlestar galactica chasing each other and playing in the sky
  • I can’t remember how this all fits in but there were some talking badgers that barked like dogs, and they were viscious although some of them were on leads and being kept as pets. I think they had something to do with the Iron Man suit war thing, like another allied party.

In other good news Holly and I just played the animal hospital disco remix to Isabelle and after a minute of increasing fascination in the tune she gave a little smile, as it started again on repeat. It’s always a good thing when a baby smiles at the animal hospital theme.

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