My first box of recycling

My last post was on 13th June, and then on the 19th June I moved house, so I’ve been a tad busy sorting things out in the new place. But I’ve finally rebuilt one of my many PCs and connected it to the TV in the living room. I’ve opted for my nicest looking DELL PC with matching wireless DELL keyboard and mouse, as I’m getting quite into the whole black electronics thing. Unfortunately my nice big TV is resting on top of a stand made out of pieces of old futon for the time being.

I’m half way through sorting out all the changes of address on things like my driving licence, menmbership to various places, bank statements etc. We’ve got half the rooms in the house sorted. The Kitchen, Issy’s room, the toilet and the bathroom are all sorted. But the living room is missing some furniture… which has actually gone missing as the removal company that were storing it can’t seem to find the crate full of furniture that belongs to my parents. The sofa I ordered doesn’t fit through the front door so a smaller version is being brought round next week to see if that fits, and we have our bedroom furnitutre being delivered on Saturday.

So after this weekend we’ll just be missing some stuff for the living room, but it’s pretty comfy at the moment thanks to my Grandparents lending me some chairs.

So I’m getting quite into the cohabiting thing with Holly, like when I forget my sandwiches for work I can get them delivered And we got our new Dyson hoover recently, which is uber cool, there’s so many bits that come off and click back on, some for cleaning, some are attachments, and I have no idea why you can take some of the pieces of, but anyway it’s such a cool hoover… the flat was supposedly clean when we moved in but after a week the Dyson picked up so much dust and crap off the floor and you can see it all instantly it’s disgusting yet intriging. Of course as Issy learns to crawl, which she’s not far off doing, she’ll start to transport more food around, so the Dyson will become even more useful and impressive and probably a lot less fun and a lot more like a chore.

And talking of Issy crawling and eating, today she managed to pick up a rusk and then chew on it for the first time, at least the first time I’ve seen her do it. She usually either waves the rusk around then throws it, or opens her mouth and waits for you to feed it to her.

Some more progress that Issy is making is that she can lift her bum up in the air with her legs, or lift her chest up in the air with her arms, or finally you can put her bum and chest up in the air yourself and she’ll hold herself up on all 4s, but as soon as she starts to move she flops down onto her tummy and just rolls around on the floor like a big excited sausage. But she’ll be crawling soon and mushing banana and rusk into the USB ports on the front of this PC in no time.

One final thing before I try and dual install this copy of XP alongside Ubuntu, I was very excited to put my very full box of recycling out this morning for the first time in the new falt, and also very happy to see it all recycled and empty when I got home.

But the one thing I don’t get, is why the council seem to not like recycling cardboard. Isn’t it like the easiest thing to recycle?

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