There are about 7 hundred million things I need to do

I’ve spent about half an hour trying to finish of a post I started months ago basically saying this:

  • Web designers make stupid designs that you can’t actually implement in a web page
  • Clients can’t make up there bloody minds
  • Account managers don’t have a clue how a website works, and should have a technical background
  • The fact that I know how to build a website, is the reason why I should tell the designer how to design site, I should tell the client what they want, and why the account managers should be fired

The point I’m trying to make, is I’m not a web designer, I’m not a web programmer, I’m not a web admin, I’m a Web Developer.

I develop things for the World Wide Web, and distribute them on the Internet, starting from an idea, through a design, then the implementation and finally the launch, and then I maintain it once it’s launched.

If other people want to help where they can then fine, but just because I get left with all the coding, doesn’t mean I can’t do the rest… it just means other people can’t do my part.

And that’s the first thing crossed off the list of things I need to do, finish that post.

Now here’s a list of other things I need to do:

  • Design, Build, Launch and Maintain 8 websties (I’m not going to tell you the names! You might try and steal them!)
  • Add something to The Strip
  • Finish writing my novel
  • Upgrade my PC
  • Build my media center PC
  • Sell a whole load of stuff on Ebay, including all the left over parts of the 4 pcs I’m using to build my media center PC
  • Get my mouldy guitar amps clean and play on them
  • Buy a drum kit
  • Put up some shelves
  • Teach Holly how to play poker
  • Fix my rear bike wheel
  • Put up some pictures
  • Complete GoldenEye (Wii), then start the 8 video games I’ve got wrapped in celophane
  • Watch the 6 DVDs I got for Christmas
  • Have a shower
  • Do the washing up
  • Put away the clean washing

I reckon potentially, I can get through 4 of those things today, but chances are I wont. I’ll just get distracted, eat chocolate and play on the Wii, whilst smelling.

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