I started this site ages ago – Wii20.co.uk

Nintendo give you 500 wii points if you help someone connect to the internet. To prove you’ve helped them, you swap “Wii numbers” – this is like the Wii’s own telephone number.

Once you’ve added your friend’s wii number to your console, and your friend adds your number to theirs, you automatically get an extra 500 points added to you Wii shop channel balance!

If you get 20 people to do it, you get all the Nintendo Virtual console games for free… plus you’ll have about 10,000 points by then!

Even by 10 swapped numbers you get all the NES games for free!

You do have to exchange Wii numbers within 30 days of connecting to the internet though, so everyone who’s already connected can “help” others connect, but can’t be “helped” themselves.

Wii20.co.uk has been set up so you can find these Wii numbers to exchange with other Wii owners. I don’t have 18 friends with a new Wii (I obviously had 2 though!) so that’s why I built the site!

You can “help” as many people as you like, but you can only be “helped” yourself once.

I’ve already got 1,000 Wii points from it, so spread the word, sign up, and help me get Pilot wings from the Wii shop channel for FREE!!

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