I heart Railo

Well I don’t, yet, because I’m having so much bloody trouble getting it to work, but I do love CFML and seeing as I can’t afford to buy Coldfusion for my own server, hopefully Railo will provide a suitable free alternative!

Railo is an open source Coldfusion engine, that lets me write websites in a super brilliant mega language written for people that don’t like using stupid web coding languages ie all other languages.

PHP is cool beacuse it’s free and open source… but Railo is cool because it’s free and open source and better than PHP! Whoop whoop.

I’m kind of using CFML and Railo interchangeably here, but basically you write CFML in a file, and send that to Coldfusion, Railo or some other CFML engine and it becomes a web page.

CFML is so much better than everything else because it’s quicker and easier to write, which means you can spend more time on the nitty gritty parts of your site, instead of mucking about on the basics.

Any way, I went to Scotch on the Rocks a few weeks ago, which is all about Coldfusion and related web based stuff, and it was sponsored by Railo, and a pretty cool key note from Gert Franz and Mark Drew convinced me to give it a go, as well as a couple of sober and drunk chats with the guy that runs RetroGt.com.

I started off keen and eager, but soon after about 5 or 6 failed attempts to install Railo I was just angry and bitter… in the end I got it installed (funnily enough just by following the easy to follow official installer from here: http://www.getrailo.org/index.cfm/download/) – I shouldn’t have tried following “guidelines” from other peoples blogs.

Any way, I got Railo installed, had a bunch of problems with TomCat and Java, had problems setting site roots and setting up the administrator and locking it down and making it secure… any way I got it all sorted out after a few evenings of blog posting, blog reading, swearing, shouting and throwing things, and then ran into more delightful problems setting up data sources!


So I put a post up on Google Groups, and within a couple of hours the brilliant Ronan Lucio posted a solution to my problem, AND NOW IT BLOODY WORKS!

And it was bloody worth it… I really do love CFML. It eats MySQL queries for breakfast, and shits out little pieces of happiness.

If you do web coding, then I suggest you do one of the following:

A) Get Railo (or some other opensource CFML engine) for free and enjoy a better life

B) Buy Coldfusion from Adobe, better support, Railo copy them anyway, pretty much, it was a lot easier to install, but it costs many thousands to buy

Right then, I’m off to write some CFML

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