7 Important things!

I actually only have 2 important things to say, but for the following 7 reasons I choose to use the number 7:

  • Each important point is worth 3 or 4 average everyday important points
  • 7 is my favourite number, and definately in my top 3 words along side chip and potato

Now onto the important things:


They did their first show back on Saturday 2nd April, 10am – 1pm, and should be there for the next 12 weeks until Galstonbury, according to Joe (I think).

You should go and listen to it now on iPlayer. If you’ve already listened to it, you should go and listen to it now. If it’s not available, then listen to the pod cast and punish yourself for missing it.

It makes me so happy that it’s back on air, and it makes 3 hours a week at work become 3 hours of pure enjoyment.

Another important bit of news, is that Adam Buxton if Adam and Joe fame, has updated his website. I have no idea when it happened, I used to check it quite often but then got lazy and sort of forgot. Any way I checked it today and it’s been redesigned, it looks good and is full of funny stuff. Go look at it!

Also, a third piece of equally important news that I should mention is that Joe of Adam and Joe fame has finished his writing/directing movie debut Attack the Block.
I’ve only watched the trailer at work with no sound… so I’ve not decided upon which of my positive feelings I’m going to decide to apply to the film, plus I haven’t actually seen it of course, but anyway I’m very excited about this and you should be too.

Ok I’ve only got 3 minutes to eat my 4 finger kit kat now, then I’ve got 240 minutes of work to do before my 20 minute walk home to number 19.

I think that’s enough about numbers and important news for now.


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