It’s been a while… again

So once again I’ve left it about a million years to post, but that’s my style.

I really like the idea of blogging and often have many wonderful things to say, but I’m not usually close enough to a computer to actually blog.

I have started to Tweet a bit though, and I follow people lots, I think I get Twitter now.

But in recent months there has been an influx of modern fancy web connected devices into my life, so hopefully I can write down and record these ideas on the go and update more often.

Anyways, coming up this week:

  • to be redesigned again!
  • Willshawmedia portfolio to reappear
  • iOS app number 1 to be released
  • I rant about big companies, and getting stuff for free off them
  • I do a techie geeky post about how I work and I invite you all to comment!

But the shockingest news… I’ve got an iPhone. And I’ll probably buy a Mac of some sort too.

But I’ll always have my PC, and she’ll always be in charge.

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