The toilet debate. And I don’t mean the seat up one

We’re on a water meter, because for no justifiable reason we were charged twice the water bill in our new home because we have a roof and a bigger garden.

Well I don’t water the garden, and does my rain water really cost £250 a year?

Anyway, for this reason, and partially to avoid disturbing our sleeping daughter, me and Hol’ don’t always flush the loo after a number 1.

Yes, a brick in the loo saves water, but not flushing saves more. We flush when guests come over, flush for a no. 2 of course, flush in the morning and common sense and nasal sensitivity dictate when any aditional flushing may be required.

We’re not the only people inthe world to do it, bu tsome people seem to find it really odd.

I want answers people… Should you always flush? Or save the planet and/or money?

6 thoughts on “The toilet debate. And I don’t mean the seat up one

  1. I think that is perfectly acceptable. If you drink enough fluids, smell should not be a problem, although you’ll need more water to up your fluid intake. Dilemma. Also, don’t eat asparagus.

  2. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.
    If it’s brown, flush it down.
    Or design a toilet that doesn’t perform a full, solid-waste disposal function, irrespective of the user’s input.

  3. @Tom I’m going to have to try this Asparagus theory out. I’ll save it for the weekend though so I don’t bring that filth into the office

    @Sparky that’s a clever idea… like a urinal!

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