Getting things done

I’m really not that great at finishing things off. If I’ve been paid to do something, then sure I’ll plough on with it and be dedicated and focused on finishing it.

But like most others, I suck at getting my own projects done. I’ve got 25k words written of my novel, about 5 empty websites floating around the internet, a pencil outline on a canvas of an oil painting and a cardboard mess that should be a paper mâché table.

However I am starting to get things done, by making use of very spare minute of time and making simple tasks take seconds instead of minutes. This is all thanks to a variety of services available on my PC, phone and browser. They only really help me with the website and writing though… The craft stuf will still take a while.

The following amazing products make my life so much easier and help me get the right info in the right place at the right time.

To add to those are some brilliant programs for my PC (and sort of sometimes the Mac too) that make the actual work I do, when I get round to it, much easier and quicker to finish.

They’re all so good though, I’m going to review them all individually.

Also I haven’t put Eclipse in that list, and I feel I should do, but what makes Eclipse so good is all the plug-ins I use with it, like MyLyn, CFEclipse, Coldfusion Builder, Aptana etc. So that’s going to have to be a whole separate entry as well.

Anyway, coming up first is drop box…

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