Attack the block

So after many many months of just not getting round to it, I finally watched Attack the Block.

And it’s very very good, well done Mr Cornish.

It’s got to be one of the most unique films I’ve seen recently (or possible ever). The design of the monsters was brilliant, I loved the black invisible ninja fur and glowing teeth, the kids using fireworks was clever, the actors were all fresh faced and believable, it was all just nice and not too clichéd.

It didn’t really remind me of anything, which is good, it was just a film in it’s own right.

There were some great shots of the council tower block, making it look all dramatic looming over the streets below, even though it was just a fairly standard concrete tower. And the lighting was really well done, it was dark making it hard to see the creatures but it never made me squint and get frustrated that I couldn’t see the action.

The sound and lighting also felt a bit retro and 80s, which again, was cool

I don’t want to spoil much of the film because I think the story is great, and I honestly didn’t see the ending coming at all, but I will explain my favourite bit from the film…

Actually, it wasn’t my favourite bit, there were other funnier/more exiting bits, but this bit was still good and has stuck in my memory.

Some of the characters are running away from a big furry black monster, and they get to a lift door, and the lift doors are closing… and just at the last minute the monster DOES get in the lift! I love that bit!

Because every other film ever (maybe) the escapee/baddy/monster/bullet etc will slam into the door, or an arm will come through the gap and get stuck in the door, or a bullet will just sneak through but the protagonist will still escape.

But not in Attack the Block! The monster just gets in, and lots of gruesome noises follow. It was just fresh and good.

Maybe I’m getting stuck on that point a little bit too much but I just liked it, I thought to myself “Yay that never happens!”.

Anyway, Attack the Block is very good, Holly liked it very much as well and we have quite different movie tastes, so it clearly appeals to a wide audience.

Also Joe Cornish worked on the Tintin movie, so he must be good. Well I already knew he was anyway, but for those of you who don’t know who Joe Cornish is, he’s a genius actor/director/radio presenter.

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