Mmmm graze box

Long ago someone recommended I tried a Graze Box, as I like to snack a lot at my desk.

I had a look at it, and it was all nuts and rubbish, so I just kept buying lots of biscuits.

Recently, I had a look again at the site and they’ve added lots of chocolate to the menu, including some tasty flap jacks. There’s lots of other cool stuff too like herby breads with tomato dips, the component ingredients of many nice things, tasty oriental snacks, it’s all much better now.

So I’m buying one a week at the moment. I haven’t paid full price for one in a while, Graze seem to have lots of deals to make each box cheaper for me, which is pretty good.

One of those deals, is that I get a quid off a box everytime someone else signs up with the following link:

So you should sign up, get your snacks delivered to work, feel healthy and good about it (it’s all very recyclable and green) and save me a pound a week!

They also have a pretty decent website, and they seem to have lots of jobs on offer too.

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