V8 face punching antics

I had a dream sometime last week, and it’s taken me a while to get around to writing it up, but it was really rather entertaining so I thought I’d better still post it.

I can’t remember how it all started, as is often the case with a dream, but I remember I was lucky enough to have been stupid enough to just go ahead and get myself a Vauxhall VXR8 on finance. Which was excellent.

It was a shiny Bathhurst S edition, in white with the black, off-center go faster stripes. It was a lovely sunny day, and I was picking up Alex Long to go down to Brighton with him, for Mark and Marie’s flat warming.

I decided to share my good fortune and give Alex the first drive, after all I’d get to drive it loads. In reality, I wouldn’t let anyone else drive it, that would be stupid.

Anyway, so Alex jumped in, put his foot to the floor, made loads of smoke from the back tyres and immediately started trying to do hand brake turns.

I become instantaneously furious and begin punching him right in the face from the passenger seat. Alex told me to stop punching him, I told him to stop driving my car so badly – that was my job.

After quite a lot of punching, I told him to pull over and get out. He exited the car, I climbed over to the driver’s seat, and Alex got in the passenger seat.

We set off again for Brighton, but after a couple of minutes I decided it was necessary to continue punching Alex in the face, so he decided to do the same back to me. With all the punching, I’d forgotten to pay attention to driving.

We were now doing 140 MPH going down Langshot Lane in Horley towards the Farmhouse Pub.

Alex and I decided to make our own way to Brighton separately. I parked up my car, and started walking to work (apparently I was no longer going to Brighton). After I’d taken a few steps away, I turned and looked at the car, pleased that I finally owned one, but one though rang through my head. “Shit. Holly’s going to kill me”.

I walked to work, got to my desk, and sitting on the desk was a scale model, about 2 feet long, of my car. Except it wasn’t a model, it was my actual car. That was my car, it was just only 2 feet long.

My colleague Alex Kenny came in the room, looked at the model and said “Have you finally bought one!”. To which I replied yes, and then asked for a lift back up the road to collect it, because I’d accidentally parked it somewhere that wasn’t at work.

So, mainly this dream doesn’t make sense, apart from the fact that I want a VXR8. And sorry Alex Long, for dream punching you. You punched me back too! So maybe you deserved it!

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