Chrome beats Firefox hands down

I’ve been using Chrome as my main browser for a while now, but I’ve always had to nip in and out of Firefox to use Firebug.

I don’t really like Opera’s dragon fly, some say it’s great but it’s too different for me to bother learning. The web tools in Safari and Chrome have some good features, but don’t (well didn’t) beat Firebug. And IE… Well, it’s IE. so it is just worse all round. So much worse.

Chrome has had a
pretty big update now though and they’ve added some cool features to the developer tools that make it more on a par with Firebug.

It’s much easier to edit styles on an element in the page, FB was always good at this and Chrome made it into an awkward and annoying hassle, but that’s been fixed.
They’ve also introduced box model highlighting on the page, that activates when you inspect an element in the DOM browser. It also shows the pixel size whilst highlighting the element. I would say this feature beats FB’s equivalent.

The Chrome toolbar also features tue Javascript debugger, like FB again, and they are almost the same in functionality but Chrome seems to just have a few more features, like “contiune to here” which FB doesn’t seem to have.

I still think the UI in Chrome is better than Firefox, it’s cleaner and easier to customize, and Firefox is slow and clunky, even without plug ins. Firefox needs lots of plugins to make it useful, Chrome has more features built in. These extra plugins in Firefox slow it down far too much, and without them it’s nomise – Firebug is one of these plugins.

Chrome Apps are nice too, although alot of them are pointless, silly and rubbish… You can get Angry Birds as a Chrome App, now that’s awesome.

Finally, to make Chrome completly amazing I did have to add a few of plugins for it. One was awesome screenshot, which is a really easy way to take screen shots of pages you’re on and save them as files or upload them to certain web services. Another one is the evernote app, which lets me “clip” web pages and text to my evernote account, and finally I installed Speed Dial 2 which replaces the Chrome Home screen.

The Chrome homescreen is pretty bad, and Google keep updating it and changing the way I’ve got ot set up. Speed Dial 2 lets you add links to your favourite web pages and apps, add a link while you’re browsing the site, rearrange the links on your home screen, change the picture for the link or let you use the view from the web page, as well as many many other things. It really is very useful.

Anyway, I’ve always loved Chrome and now I love it even more.

Those wonderful apps/plugins I was talking about are

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