Mac dilema

I used to hate Macs quite a lot. I really did.

Then I decided I just didn’t like them, I’m a windows guy, but everyone else is entitled to use the incorrect operating system.

Then I decided each to his own, and my own was Windows 7. But I wanted an iPad because they’re really cool.

Then I started writing iPhone apps, so I had to get a Mac. I borrowed a Core 2 Duo Mac Mini… Which is pretty naff, at browsing the internet, let alone developing apps. It’s slow and stupid and annoying… But beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

The Mini might have struggled because I had xcode running, but that’s no excuse, I’m never actually using xcode when Safari takes 5 minutes to open a new tab.

Anyway, I also use to hate iPhones, I loved my Nokia N900 because it ran Linux and it’s awesome and THE KEYBOARD IS SOOOOOOO GOOOD! But it wasn’t really compatible with anything. The twitter and facebook apps where naff, and it didn’t do Dropbox or Evernote.

There were some In development apps for it but it was all a bit open source for me. So I got my iPhone, and I do like it now. It’s just a mini iPad, but I still hate the stupid touch screen keyboard. The iPad has nice big buttons it’s fine, the iPhone has tiddly little idiot buttons for mice. I’m not a mouse.

When I can afford it I’ll probably get an Android with a keyboard and just relegate the buttonless moron to testing. Even though the UI is lovely and pleasant.

But that’s all besides the point, that’s just the story of how I got here. I’m going to buy myself a Mac. I’ll keep my wnderful home made Wn 7 PC for games and graphics and websites, but I need a Mac for iOS coding, and I could do with a laptop for working on the go.

So do I buy the cheapest Mac laptop, the 11inch Air for £850 but only 2GB of RAM, or the 13 inch 4GB Air for £1,099 or the 13 inch 4GB Pro for £999.

They all have i5 processors… None of them have a proper graphics card. You have to spend 15 hundred for that… so no games on it. But it is a work machine after all.

So can the slower i5 processors in the Air handle xcode? Or does their solid state HDD give them the upper edge? Storage space doesn’t matter that much to me, but the 64gb in the 11inch air does seem a bit small.

Anyone got any thoughts or experiences on the Air/Pro dilema?

2 thoughts on “Mac dilema

  1. Right, Mike Holman pointed out this article to me, which almost answers the question… Well it doesn’t really. It says the 11inch 4GB is great. Which helps, but I’d like to save 250 and get the 2GB… But will that cut it?

    This article says the SSD is brilliant, and I’d use up about 30GB of storage just installing all my stuff.

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