Screens on Linux

I’ve recently started using screens when inside command line linux.

I got shown it by some Rackspace tech guys as I wanted to leave a process running after I’d left me shell.

Screens is brilliant, it lets you run multiple shells and allows you to switch between them with keyboard shortcuts, and you can close and reopen your ssh client (like putty) and all your “screens” are still there, so you can reconnect to them… or “attach” as screens calls it.

It’s like having multiple terminal/putty windows open, except when you close the actual GUI window, the shell is still running.

What I’ve found this useful for is being logged into multiple GIT repositories and also having a couple of extra shell “screens” for database and server admin.

Anyway, this post is a little but rushed as I’m on my lunch and I’ve still not finished my super noodles, but use screens if you don’t already and you use a command line linux server.

And I’ve put up a Linux section under my code reference, with a screens page in there…

Or I will do shortly… I’ll link to the page in here once I’ve made it!

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