Good things Issy said on holiday

“I got 2 bits cheese mato toast, on toast, on mato” when I hand her 2 pieces of cheese and tomato toast

“oh bugger. Oh bugger. Oh bugger…” when she spilt yogurt down her top

“oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap” after auntie Gemma made some sort of mistake

“oh sugar. Oh sugar. Oh sugar…” after mummy dropped something on the floor

“sssssh. BABY SLEEPING!” at the kiwi enclosure in new Zealand, as I tried to trick her into being quiet. 

“Issy needs cup a tea” when playing with her tea set, in the “coupa tea” kind if way

And whilst I tried to apply sudocrem when changing a nappy we had this nice exchange recently…

“uh, no daddy”
“uh, yes Issy”
“uh, no daddy”
“uh, yes Issy”
“uh, no daddy”
“uh, yes Issy”
“uh, no”
“uh, yes”
“uh, no”
“uh, yes”
“uh, no no no NO NO”

And probably the best of all, “I’m captain Issy, where’s my ship!” as we waited at the ferry port.

I may have had a little more to do with that one than the others. 

Which led to this…

“I’m captain pops”
“no Issy, you’re captain Issy”
“you’re captain Issy” 
“no Issy, I’m captain daddy, you’re captain Issy”
“no daddy, I’m captain pops” 

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