Scotch on the Rocks is on!

If I had to guess, I’d say there were about 5 people that read this blog that make websites and probably only 1 that do Coldfusion coding (and Tom already knows about SOTR).

But just in case there is someone else that find this blog and does Coldfusion, I’d like to point out that SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS 2012 IS GOING AHEAD!

I’ve only been to one SOTR before (2011), I found out about it just after the 2010 event and was very gutted, as many amazing Coldfusion developers and other internet/web/computer/geek type celebrities were going to be there as well.

Anyway I managed to get along to the 2011 event and found it incredibly useful. I’ve actually changed a huge amount of my working style since going there, as I learnt about new technologies and gathered advice from other developers.

I also got to see about 5 seconds of porn…due to a slight error of one of the presenters.

Breasts aside though, it’s an excellent conference, sponsored last year by Adobe themselves, as well as Railo (free open source Coldfusion server), and hosted/organised mostly by Fuzzy Orange.

Last year there were talks on HTML 5, CSS 3, Regex, various database technologies, increasing your efficiency as a developer and many many other things.
So even if you don’t do Coldfusion it’s worth going, because there are other beneficial talks, it’s backed by Adobe, and it’ll help teach you how incorrect you are by not using Coldfusion (or Railo).

So basically, go to Scotch on the Rocks 2012.

There are no details about it yet… it might be in Edinburgh, it might be in Amsterdam. Either way I’m going, surely that’s reason enough for you to go?

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