Awesome dreams!

Ok I’ve been pretty lax on the dreams recently… so I’m going to try and write these down before I forget. They’re both a bit hazy.

So the first one, I remember being on some long corridor in an office building and this young boy was wearing a suit and tie, riding a trike a long. He was probably about 14ish?

I could hear him “narrating” the scene, talking about how he was the boss of the company and he could do what he wanted and no one really cared. He pulled an uzi out from his jacket, and just started shooting the odd office employee here and there as they walked along the corridor. Other employees didn’t seem to mind.

Anyway, I came bounding up the corridor behind him like a cross between Beast from the Xmen, Spiderman and Neo, I did some crazy acrobatic stuff and then started shooting at him.

Every shot I fired missed… despite me being some awesome ninja type, I couldn’t shoot straight at all. Our gun fight continued along the corridor for a while, before a load of “I, Robot” style robots appeared and started fighting me, so the young CEO escaped.

I was now with 2 companions in the corridor, and I was defending them from the robots as we tried to escape. I got cornered after my friends escaped, and like Will Smith in the film I, Robot… one of them started smashing my arm with a metal pipe, but instead of me having a robotic arm, it kind of transformed into Iron Man’s arm.

I made some Will Smith-esque smart ask comment, smashed the robot with a good solid punch, and then escaped the office building.

I climbed over some awkward little brick wall and ran through a public carpark into a pedestrian only high street area, where a big space ship thing appeared and started scanning the crowd searching for me.

I then turned completely into Iron Man and started flying round with the space ship chasing me. I was trying to get it to crash into a building as it chased me…again like Will Smith does in Independence Day when the alien ships chase his fighter jet.

I soon realised I was being very irresponsible in a busy high street, putting the public at risk, so I changed back to Peter, and snuck of unnoticed.

I found Holly and some of our friends sleeping in “our” campervan back in the public car park, and I passed Sienna Miller on the way who was also camping near us in a very similar camper.

True story.

Then a few days later I had this other cool dream…

I was a POW in this crazy huge Nazi airship thing. It was a little bit like something out of Captain America (the new one). Anyway, I was plannig my escape, I was reasonably comfortable in my “prison”, it was more like a hotel and I could wonder freely to the bathroom and chat to the other prisoners in their rooms. We even had like a balcony garden thing that we could all visit. Very nice.

Holly was a double agent working for the Nazis, and would occasionally pop in to see me and we’d discuss my escape plans. I can’t really remember much else about this one, but I remember opening a panel up in the bathroom floor and looking down at the ground thousands of feet below.

I think I managed to escape the prisoner block, and get into a hanger inside the airship. I’m not sure how or what I was flying, but I remember being chased through the sky by Nazi fighter planes as I plummeted to the ground.

I was kind of flying like Iron Man again, but I definitely wasn’t Iron Man that time. I think I was just flying… in my jeans and tshirt.

So some good fun hollywood action movie based dreams for you there.

And this post concludes my blog-a-thon for the week. I think that’s 4 posts in a day.

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