Adobe download links, without logging in

I’m a big Adobe fan, I use a lot of their software.
But if you want to download anything, you have to log in. If you don’t have a log in, then you have to register.

Now as I like to support software manufacturers, I usually allow a few minutes faff just to download something. As long as I don’t have to do it every time.

So I wanted to download Coldfusion Builder 2. I logged into the Adobe site and found the download link. But apparently they hadn’t yet horded enough of my company information.

As I was logging in as Willshaw Media I filled in all the company information I had… mainly just that I am one person who makes websites.
I also had to fill in my address and other rubbish.

Anyway, I filled in the form, submitted it and it failed.
I’d missed out a user name. So I filled that in, submitted it and it failed.

WTF mate! That’s 2 already. Turns out on the second submission the “Tick this box to confirm some nonsense” box had become unticked.

So I ticked it again, submitted it, and if failed.

SERIOUSLY! 3 fucking times already! So I was angry. The error message just said “Please correct the following problems: an error has occoured”.

Oh. Good problem. An “error”. No shit sherlock.

I think I tried to submit the form 8 times. I persisted for so long because I’ve download Adobe software many times in the past. But I just got sick of it this time.

So I Googled “coldfusion builder direct download” and boom, I found this little gem.

A link to download every Adobe product, no registration.
THis isn’t piracy, this is just to download the demo installers. Just the stuff Adobe give away for free anyway. You just don’t have to submit crappy forms first! Woohoo!

Also, I emailed the guy that runs that blog to say thanks and he replied back, he’s saying he’s in the process of updating the list right now, all for free. What a nice guy. Double bonus to use the site!

One quick disclaimer… I haven’t checked that there are actually links to EVERY adobe product, but there sure are alot, and they work fine!

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