Zombie and Bomb madness

It’s about time I had an excellent dream again, well I have them every day but they’re getting harder to remember.

This one happened a couple of days ago, but here we go…

It was late at night, I was running through the panicked streets of a generic city center, I was with Holly, and possibly some extras as well. There were zombie hordes chasing many panicked people around. I was doing some awesome Taekwondo moves on them, and we were running through the crowds.

We rounded a corner and saw a large horde of Zombies at the end of the road, I spotted a conveniently parked and easy to hot wire BMW E46 330i coupe. Me and Holly jumped in, and I started driving through the Zombies, it was actually rather calm now. We locked the doors and the Zombies just moved out the way as I drove slowly to safety.

The next thing I remember is being on a forested hill side, up away from the Zombie infested city. I was on my own now, doing some awesome ninja stealth moves to creep through the trees and avoid the Zombies that seemed to have set up a camp in the forest.

I was trying to get to a derailed train in a valley on the other side of the hill. The train was very derailed, there were no rails involved in the scene at all. I got to the train, and Holly was there, as well as some posh people, and they were all being held hostage. I spotted one of the captors planting a bomb in the toilet on the derailed train, HE WAS GOING TO BLOW US ALL UP!

The next part of the dream I was up on the other side of the valley with the derailed train at the base, about to explode. It was sitting behind a stone wall, above the entrance to a small cave. The train exploded, but it’s ok, it was like a simulation. No one was hurt. The rest of the hostages were with me, and I explained my new plan to them.

We were back on the train again, and I snuck to the loo, flirting my way past a female captor. I pretended to use the loo, but I was really placing the explosive device in my inside pocket… despite wearing a hoody.

Moments later, we were back up the hillside sitting behind the stone wall, and I’d placed the bomb inside the small cave beneath us. Soon, the bomb would explode, but be contained inside the cave. Our captors would think us destroyed, and we’d rush down the hill and kick them all in the face!

The bomb exploded, fire flooded down the hill and wrapped around the train, and then I woke up.

Good times.

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